The proponents of Question 7 say their initiative legalizes “small amounts” of marijuana. The “small amount” they propose to legalize for individuals 21 and older is one ounce. So how many marijuana cigarettes are there in one ounce of weed? Thirty to 120 marijuana cigarettes per ounce depending on the potency of the marijuana.

The excerpt below is from the book Economics of Cannabis Legalization, written by Dale Gieringer, Ph.D., Coordinator, California NORML (National Organization for the Reformation of Marijuana Laws)

“We will define a standard dose of THC to be that contained in the government’s own marijuana joints, which NIDA supplies to researchers and selected human subjects. These consist of low-quality 2.5% – 3% potency leaf rolled into cigarette-sized joints of 0.9 grams, yielding a 25 milligram dose of THC. The same dose can be had in a slender one-third or one-quarter gram joint of 10 – 12% sinsemilla. A typical joint has been estimated to weigh about 0.4 grams. Taking this as a standard, we will define a “standard joint” to be 0.4 grams of average-quality 6% buds. Thus an ounce of “standard pot” equals 60 joints, an ounce of 12% sinsemilla 120, and an ounce of government pot only 30 joints.”